Blastropodcast (comedy)
Games designer Grant Howitt Skypes in from New Jork to wax perceptual with his favorite Man of Science. These clever lads serve up some tasty tricks to confuse your senses and Grant expounds upon why happem. Zombles, chainsaw Sally, and an unorthodox way to keep a bear nest clean are all waiting for your drinker's ears. Better stretch first.
Surprise Finale! This episode concludes Season 1 of Blastropodcast. Blastropodcast Season 2 will begin in October, 2015. Don't worry, my precious gentle darlings, Muffed Movies will continue to come out twice a month until then.
Learn more about Grant here. 
The intro to this episode was righteously sound designed by friend of the show, Keith Hand. Thanks Keith!
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Mark and Andy resume their ominous journey through the dripping corridors of the classic sci-fi horror film, Alien. With a bloodthirsty xenomorph running amok (and a mysterious Swiss painter scuttling about the ducts) is there any hope for this vocally malleable crew? Social mores! Immolations! And a truly problematic freestyle rap about Mark's father.


This is part two of a two-part episode. If you haven't yet, go listen to the first one! We'll wait...


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Muffed Movies is a fan production which celebrates film through parody. Alien is property of 20th Century Fox.


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Andy and Mark deliver a tour de force muffing of the iconic sci-fi horror film, Alien. Bounty hunters! Blowjies! And the rise of the dreaded dirt shark! Hold onto your ducks, because this is going to be a bumpy ride.


This is part one of a two-part episode. Ya hoid?


Muffed Movies is a fan production which celebrates film through parody. Alien is property of 20th Century Fox.

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Annelise Fabian defends her belief in ghosts against Dottore's relentless skepticism. Is there science behind specters? Who knows?! This episode is too full of rampage and rambunctiousness to pin down the truth on spooks. Join us as we enjoy song, swine, and salameters!

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Andy and Mark soar like two adorable baby geese on the wings of comedy as they complete the tale of Top Gun. Reckless romance! Turncoat Soviets! Light necromancy! And finally Andy reveals the last refuge of a scoundrel...

This is part two of a two-part episode. (Twice the muffing, half the stuffing)

Muffed Movies is a fan production which celebrates film through parody. Top Gun is property of Paramount Pictures.

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Dottore interviews Chris Bashen (Nerd Outcast Podcast) about the intricacies of video games. Where did they come from? Why do we play them? And are they simply waking dreams, pyrric victories, if you will?

Also - falsetto singing! Rock smashing! And an uncharacteristically voyeuristic Podchamber!


This episode is sponsored by Cards Against Humanity.

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Special guest Sophie Shrand joins Mark and Andy in muffing Peter Jackson's film adaptation of Tolkien's classic. Incognito party-Wraiths! Balrog Lando! And old-man Mark referencing Pearl Jam just often enough! 

This is a non-commercial fan production. The Fellowship of the Ring was written by J.R.R. Tolkein. Its film was distribued by New Line Cinema.

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Kaye Straub, 2014 Champion of the Chicago League of Lady Arm Wrestlers, weighs in on religion, gender, and what's awesome about math. 

Plus: vampiric Mandel-Bits! Snatch-chats! And a special appearance by Macho Ma'am Candy Savage herself!

We may also talk briefly about fractals somewhere around the 24 minute mark as well.

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Wedding bells are in the air in Gotham - but so is crime! Andy dons the mantle of Jack Nicholson and Mark gets fratty with Batty in this retelling of Mark's favorite childhood jam.  

This episode is a noncommercial fan production. Batman (the movie) is property of Warner Bros. Batman (the character) is property of DC Comics and was created by Bob Kane. Mark (the podcaster) loves Batman.

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Dottore celebrates Christmas with cavalcade of characters from the Muffed Movies podcast. Join them for festive songs, zany antics, and a call from an old friend. And for those of you that celebrate Cryptsmas, there's also quite a bit of bloodshed.

Special thanks to Andy North, Jared Latore, and the Alcohollywood podcast!

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