Jared Latore from the Alcohollywood podcast returns to contemplate death itself. Will Pantalone sell his home-makeover reality show? Can Dottore remember the name of his ward? And what fell secrets lay within the turkey-jerky meat cellar? Find out on this audio journey into... The Schmilight Zone.

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In this special Halloween treat Mark and Andy unleash a chilling cavalcade of goons, ghoulies, and spiders! Can you survive this entire spooky episode without screaming in terror? Find out if you dare... Also, Mark says the c-word.

This episode is a noncommercial fan production. The SIlence of the Lambs is property of MGM and is based on the novel by Thomas Harris.

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Andy and Mark return to conclude their retelling of the Star Wars trilogy. This episode is packed to the gills with laughter, lunacy, and pimpful bits of grab-askin'. Blood! Speed! Adventure!

This episode is a noncommercial fan production. Star Wars is property of Disney Enterprises, Inc. 

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General Ironicus (that flagrant hyperbolist) returns with earthquakes and volcanos on his mind. This trenchful episode also features an unfortunate Lich, arcane videogame references, and the looming threat of death! Thanks for listening and donating! And please keep "giving it up for all the cyberpunks fighting for freedom everyday." - Snatcher

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Dottore is surprised by the condition of his Labroturtle. The Podchamber is all kissed-out. And Mark (that idiot roommate) shares updates about the next episodes of BPC and Muffed Movies.

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Sophie Shrand confounds Dottore as they consider the science behind the adolescent mind. Tendon snaps! Neuroblasts! And more biddies than you can shake a red snake at. Yup, this episode's a real werk of shart.

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Andy North and Mark Soloff are at it again! In this episode of Muffed Movies, the boys act out Star Wars: Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back by memory. Dub-step robots, Tokyo-butt punches, and the raunchiest lightsabres this side of Cloud City! 

This is not an episode of Blastropodcast, but it's so hillarious you'll "hort hort hort" out loud. This episode is a noncommercial fan production. Star Wars is property of Disney Enterprises, Inc. 

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David Flora and Dave Stecco from the Blurry Photos podcast team up with Dottore to find and vanquish the fearsome wyvern from Castle Balordo! Also they tackle popular myths of Science (but mostly just laugh and nerd out about fun moments from podcasting). Dust off those mumply old honey-fingers, cause you're in for a serious milk-job!

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A fresh haul of listener questions is read and answered by Dottore! Anti-matter explained! Sackesacks exposed! And finally a wine menu to pair with exotic animyules! Listen all the way to the end for a special treat! Ooooh yeeeeeah! 

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Harshish Chitkara shares a jail-side chat with Dottore in the fantastical village of Eyemouth. They wax sociological, sexualogical, and sackelogical! Will these Men of Science escape the clutches of the Brotherhood of the Winking Tooth? Only if they can harness the power of the elusive Bumblegoose! Also - sorry Bulgaria. 

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